Welcome to Moreton Metal

Here at Moreton Metal, not only our mission is to provide high quality products at a competitive price, but also providing exceptional customer service by understanding our customer’s requirement. We aim to save our customers in time, cost and storage space, helping our customers to generate a higher profit quickly.

Moreton Metal is a steel and aluminium tube processing company and has a reputation of being able to supply accurate and high standard punched rails in a short lead time. Currently, our main customers are fencing fabricators and metal processing plants.

We have been around since year 2010 and our presence in the competitive market of Australia’s east coast is rapidly growing. With a number of hydraulic presses, we are able to provide fast and accurate hole punching services. Also, possessing several 3.5M CNC Routers enable us to cut and drill Aluminium sheets and tubes made to order quicker.

Lastly, our company aims to provide high quality products, precision metal hole punching services and prices that rival all other competitors. We hope to help our customers generate a greater profit with our products and services. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff and we will try our best to satisfy your requirements.


Metal Tube Punching

CNC Routing

Mandrel Bending

Metal Crimping