Punch Rails (Available For Both Single And Double Side)

Moreton Metal specialises in dimple-free punch rails for use in pool fencing, commercial & industrial fencing, security fencing and gates etc.

All our hydraulic punch machines have mandrel fit internally for punching, with mandrel supporting inside of the tube, the dimple effect is eliminated.

Below are some common hole punch sizes we offer with thickness up to 3mm:

*Length up to 8000mm

*Please contact our friendly sales staff for other sizes of hole punching that’s not listed here.

Crimped Spear

The spear can be pressed in the sizes below for both aluminium and steel:

  • 25 x 25 mm square tubes
  • 25 mm round tube
  • stock include 1800mm,2100mm&2400mm.

Scalloping For Balustrade

For level or up to 35 degrees.

The sizes we can grind to fit rails in (mm):

Black Steel 25NB, 32NB,40NB

Aluminium Ø50 & Ø60

Stainlesss Steel Ø50.8

CNC Routing Service

Our machine is capable of routing aluminium square and round tubes, u-channels, angle and aluminium sheet etc. Our product used include and not limit to rails for fencing and gate, balustrade (rake or level), privacy screens etc.


Sizes we can do include full lengths in 6500mm or custom made to suit your requirement.


Mandrel Bending For Balustrade

Die Available:


19 x 1.2 @ 100mm Center

19 x 1.2 @ 98mm Center

25 x 1.6 @ 125mm Center

25 x 1.6 @ 140mm Center

Black Steel:

(32NB) 42.4 x 2.6 @ 100mm Radius

(40NB) 48.3 x 2.9 @ 100mm Radius



40 x 3 @ 50mm Radius

40 x 3 @ 75mm Radius

40 x 3 @ 100mm Radius

50 x 3 @ 65mm Radius

50 x 3 @ 100mm Radius

Stainless Steel:

50.8 x 1.6 @ 100MM Radius